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Preparing children for a successful elementary education. more…
Elementary School
Establishing literacy, numeracy and social skills to prepare students for success. more…
Secondary School
Helping students become life long learners and global citizens. more…
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Admission is in progress for the 2016/2017 Academic Session. Application forms are available in the School for N7,500.00! You can also fill and print the form online from the Admission link on this website.


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This is all about awards and stuff, just wanted to let you know all the awards that we are capable of winning

This is a good news section to tell you about the new term and all the things that are in the pipeline. Are you excited?

We Thrive on Excellence
We drive our pupils/students to excel in the 3 A’s – Academics, Athletics and the Arts. While they come to us from varying backgrounds, we pride ourselves in our ability to add value to them. As a result, a key thing that distinguishes our students is their quest for all-round excellence.
We Build Character
At Premier, we believe that the goal of education is not only to raise smart children, but to also produce moral and disciplined individuals who have integrity. As a result, we train our pupils/students to make good choices and to stand for the truth at all times.
Building Global Skill-sets
Our students have access to experienced and dedicated teachers, ample resources and state of the art facilities that help to enhance their skills. Through our wider curriculum, we also prepare our students to be both locally relevant and globally competitive.