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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Premier International School provides a safe and conducive environment where children can learn with confidence.

The school does not provide transport services. Parents are expected to make adequate arrangements for the transportation of their wards.

The school uniform does not provide for any form of head cover.

Fees can be paid using the payment portal on our website.

The Capital Development Fee is a fee charged at the time of admission of a child into the school. The fund therefrom is used for upgrading and renewal of the buildings, and physical facilities and equipment.

There is a family discount for the third and subsequent child. Details are contained in the fees schedule.

In addition to academic ability, children also need both physical and emotional marturity to be able to cope with the rigours of our programme.

Our students perfom credibly well in external examinations and competitions and are able to secure places in the instituions of their choice. Result details are available on our website and on social media.

Work has commenced on a plot of land which was recently acquired by the school for the building of a full boarding school.

Premier International School is committed to providing quality education with an emphasis on academic excellence and character development, while also instilling a sense of responsibility to the local community with a global perspective.

To be a leading educational institution, catering to children of diverse backgrounds and abilities and graduating students with the confidence to thrive in any setting they find themselves.

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